Friday, August 10, 2007

A day away

Yesterday we took advantage of a free day.
No work, just play.
Sadly, our eldest decided to spend time at his grandparents' house
and ditched us.
We missed him, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Louis giving Jacob a good toss in the air.
The boys had a great time at Lake Sommerville.
Blue's the best.
Matthew in the water. Lounging.
Chloe had a good time. Can you tell?

On the way home we saw a vulture.

1 comment:

Elizabeth-W said...

Hey Louis and fam! Chloe is beautiful!!! Oh I miss fatty babies. 3 months is a great age, they start to really come into their own.

Although, I don't know which is more appealing--the baby thighs, or the blue bell truck. Can't get the good stuff way up north here. Sadness.