Thursday, October 18, 2007

No more training wheels

Several times in the past I had tried to persuade Matthew to give it a go without the training wheels and he refused. The other night on a walk Matthew noticed a boy from church, E, riding without the training wheels. E is a little younger than Mr. Matthew and Matthew just couldn't have that going on...Go, Matthew! Now we probably need a bigger bike. You would think with two older brothers we would have something lying around, waiting to be passed on. Not the case, my boys know how to tear up a bike. They also know how to look 'stylin'.

Who comes to mind when you look at his expression? I'm thinking Napoleon.


Wencked said...

WOW, he was even standing up and pedaling! Awesome!

Jessica said...

Oh no! It can't be! Matthew is growing up too fast for me!

Psychic Head said...

Jacob is the coolest.