Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two things...

When I attempt to put the Girl in her car seat she prefers to stand. Every single time. The other day I decided to give her a second and I leaned over to pick something up, upon looking up I noticed she was between the two seats, feet in the air. I frantically picked her up, though no harm was done. She isn't crawling, but is definitely trying things out. Jacob said, "Mom you have to be more careful with her, like I am."

This second topic is for a good friend of mine, Emily. Chloe should have been your child...she is not averse to having her nose suctioned. She had a runny nose about a week ago and didn't mind this, she did however dislike the tissue.

I hope all your noses are dry this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Gabe has a bright idea

Gabe thought it would be fun to get the faces Chloe was making on video. If she sees you with the camera she tends to stop. I believe she thinks this camera is part of the family, when it is on a ride with her, she acts as she normally does. Enjoy!

The Mailbox

Our mailbox has been falling apart for some time and I was determined to fix it myself. I mean, how hard could it be? After two hours of chiseling away at the surrounding concrete I was able to free the box. It was a very satisfying feeling. I really enjoyed the physical labor of it.

Here is the rusted heap, which could have caused mail to be lost (I had suspected such but I was unable to locate any mail in the brick).

And the almost-finished product. I still need to fill in the gaps around the box, but already it is wonderful to have a properly functioning mailbox. Matthew is able to check the mail again without fear of losing anything. Relief.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Gabe is kind of overdoing it in this picture, but most of his other pictures are quite silly. So, here we have Gabe and Chloe. He has a special voice that he does when he talks to Chloe (it kind of reminds me of Betty Boop) and he claims it is now hard to talk to her in his normal voice. She enjoys it though.

Jacob, looking very handsome.

Here we have Matthew. I'll have to dig out some pictures from last year to show the contrast, but he really is growing up and losing that baby fact I think it's gone completely. He does this smile exclusively for pictures it seems.

Chloe has been snorting a lot lately. Mostly I write it off as something new she has learned to do, but part of me wonders, 'Is there something stuck up there?'. You never can tell. She has a check-up tomorrow, I may just ask the doc to take a look.

Here she is in her dress for church, she is seven months old this day (Dec. 2). I didn't think her eyes could look any more blue, but with this dress on and her complexion, she looks wonderful.