Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday

Matthew had a birthday! I cannot believe how time flies, my 'baby' boy is six years old. Matthew is a sweet boy who loves to ride his bike, play with his sister, and
keep track of what, and how much, his brothers eat (you know, no one can have something he isn't having).

His reading skills are improving everyday and he loves going to school. Matthew was the first in his kindergarten class to count to 100, a fact he is proud of. Matthew also has a kind heart
and likes to do things for others. Last week a little girl at the pinewood derby had a bloody nose (I think it was from an accident) and on the way home Matthew talked about doing something kind for her. The next day we made cookies and Matthew remembered this little girl and we took some to her. Matthew also has a laugh that is contagious and gives great hugs. We are so glad he is in our family.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Life becomes...

overwhelming, and blogging is the first thing to go. Which really is a good thing, it is preferable that I should care for the children. I do feel badly though since this is the main way Louis is able to see the children. We talk daily, but the webcam can be a pain, so this it. Needless to say...

Pinewood Derby was last night and Jacob had a good time. The combined wards at church allow the boys to give their cars a name and they do a big introduction just before the races begin. Here is Jacob with his car "Stupid Returns, Again". Prior year cars were "Stupid" and "Stupid Returns". Such delightful names! I wonder if girls had Pinewood Derby what they would name their cars? I imagine their paint jobs would involve glitter (which would be way cool).
We usually get to enjoy some refreshments (in fact, I called a friend to make sure they would be doing the 'hot dog, nachos, snow cone' thing so that I wouldn't have to cook). The turn-out seemed smaller than I recall from previous years and so we were able to have more than one snow cone (does the blue mouth give it away?).

People always comment on how happy and smiley Chloe is, this picture is proof that that is not always the case. This was taken today, she had just finished the cutest 'pouty' face. Poor girl, it was a long day.

These pictures of Chloe were taken last week. I love the last one with the sun on her face.

It's Friday!

I came across this blog and I like the idea of it, I'm going to give it a try.

1. My family makes me happy.
2. I would like to be with Louis, please.
3. Snickerdoodles tastes SO good!
4. Friday is my favorite day of the week because we have a family movie night (usually).
5. (I am prone to self-depreciation, but over the years people have complemented me on...) My complexion is my best feature.
6. We could learn so much from children.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting some rest, tomorrow my plans include hopefully working on some painting and Sunday, I want to make it to church on time (if Chloe is well, she is having issues again)!

Okay, so that was relatively painful...we'll see if I remember to check it out next week. Maybe you should try it too.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The things kids decide to play with. I love it when they fall asleep still clutching their object of interest.
Chloe on Friday (11th) just before her first bike ride. She seemed to enjoy the ride. The boys were excited to see her in her seat and we can't wait to take more rides.

Matthew had way too much enjoyment giving Chloe "bunny ears" this morning.

Here's a shot of Chloe before bed tonight; she looks so cute in her pajamas. If you look closely you can see some of the hives on her arm. She's been sick since Wednesday with hives, fever, and a few other issues. Initially, the doc thought it was just an allergic reaction to something, but upon another check-up today he thinks it is Henoch-Schonlein purpura. Now that I am home and was able to Google it, I may have a few questions for the doc, but from what I've been told and have read, it shouldn't be too serious. I love my little girl and I just want her to be safe and feel better.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Date night

Louis and I had a date tonight...sort of. Tonight Louis and I played a game online: Scrabulous. We each won a round but had to call it quits. Chloe is sick and cranky and Louis was tired. It was fun though and I can imagine spending a little too much time there. if you enjoy Scrabble and killing time, check it out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Give me a break

I realize I haven't suffered the devastation that some of the victims of Katrina have suffered, and I am sorry for their loss but some people are always looking for a handout. This article on MSNBC states that there are a number of lawsuits against the government, with one plaintiff seeking 3 quadrillion dollars. Come on...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So does she...

look good in orange?

Random pictures

This is a card Matthew made for me for Christmas. It makes me melt when he does such sweet things. After I admired it for a few days (and got a picture) we ate the candy canes. I wanted the red and white striped figuring it to be peppermint, but it was cherry or something. I don't mind the variety of flavors there are these days, but darn it, if it's red and white it MUST be peppermint.