Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday

Matthew had a birthday! I cannot believe how time flies, my 'baby' boy is six years old. Matthew is a sweet boy who loves to ride his bike, play with his sister, and
keep track of what, and how much, his brothers eat (you know, no one can have something he isn't having).

His reading skills are improving everyday and he loves going to school. Matthew was the first in his kindergarten class to count to 100, a fact he is proud of. Matthew also has a kind heart
and likes to do things for others. Last week a little girl at the pinewood derby had a bloody nose (I think it was from an accident) and on the way home Matthew talked about doing something kind for her. The next day we made cookies and Matthew remembered this little girl and we took some to her. Matthew also has a laugh that is contagious and gives great hugs. We are so glad he is in our family.

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Angela said...

Matthew is such a sweet and thoughtful boy with a big heart, and Sophia LOVED the cookies, and she shared them with the rest of us. Thank you!