Friday, January 25, 2008

Life becomes...

overwhelming, and blogging is the first thing to go. Which really is a good thing, it is preferable that I should care for the children. I do feel badly though since this is the main way Louis is able to see the children. We talk daily, but the webcam can be a pain, so this it. Needless to say...

Pinewood Derby was last night and Jacob had a good time. The combined wards at church allow the boys to give their cars a name and they do a big introduction just before the races begin. Here is Jacob with his car "Stupid Returns, Again". Prior year cars were "Stupid" and "Stupid Returns". Such delightful names! I wonder if girls had Pinewood Derby what they would name their cars? I imagine their paint jobs would involve glitter (which would be way cool).
We usually get to enjoy some refreshments (in fact, I called a friend to make sure they would be doing the 'hot dog, nachos, snow cone' thing so that I wouldn't have to cook). The turn-out seemed smaller than I recall from previous years and so we were able to have more than one snow cone (does the blue mouth give it away?).

People always comment on how happy and smiley Chloe is, this picture is proof that that is not always the case. This was taken today, she had just finished the cutest 'pouty' face. Poor girl, it was a long day.

These pictures of Chloe were taken last week. I love the last one with the sun on her face.

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Shiloah B. said...

Chloe is too cute for words! The derby sounds like fun! I put Benjamin's pictures up of his too.