Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Back

Hello, all. It has been a while since I posted anything. Little Chloe now has 6 teeth!

And Matthew has lost two teeth. So many changes in their little lives.

Chloe and her sleep habits have become a major focus in my life. For most of her eleven months she has slept with me and relied on me to get her to sleep (and to keep her there). Well, I'm done. While I enjoy my little girl and our quiet moments together, I have begun to suffer mentally from no alone time. So, for the last week we have been making great progress and I am excited to finally enjoy some breathing room. The first few nights of Chloe getting to sleep on her own have been interesting. She has taken to sleeping sitting up. Yes, sitting up.

And even with the flash she did not wake up. Last night was the first night that I did not have to lay her down after she fell asleep. And she slept 8 1/2 hours straight. Major milestone here. Tonight it did take her awhile to fall asleep, but she will now stay in her crib quietly until she does. We are making progress and I am excited, it will be good for both of us.
And though I do complain about the sleep stuff, I do adore her and am so grateful for the smiles she brings into our home.


Lynn Family said...

Congrats Heather! I'm so glad she's sleeping on her own for you and you're getting some alone time...isn't it wonderful? It goes by too fast!

Shiloah B. said...

Chloe is getting so big- look at all that hair! I'm going through the same thing with Bella, but at least you are doing it earlier than I am. Bella is 15 months. I'm tired...whew! How is everything going? Tell Matthew congrats on his toothless smile! :)

Jen said...

Been wondering where you've been. :) I CANNOT believe that picture of Chloe sleeping sitting up!! That crazy girl. Sleep is so important for you! Hope it keeps working for you guys. Andrew still wakes up in the night sometimes and it kills me! Whew - good thing these kids are so cute or we wouldn't keep 'em. :) ha ha

Janelle said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks so much for that fantastic pizza calzone when we moved, it all got devoured! I was wondering if I could have your scone recipe??? I miss you. Janelle