Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm back

Between the malfunctioning camera, my honey's return, and the absence of school, life has been busy.

There are many things I hope to get to, but first I'd like to start with a fun blog with nothing but good ideas for kids: The Crafty Crow. I hope to get to many of these activities this summer. I hope some of you can enjoy them also.

We had a wonderful time while Louis was here. We had him to ourselves for two whole weeks! Wow. We had a blast and look forward to his return; he should be home Labor Day weekend. Yeah! We decided while Louis was here we would do a family trip and fulfill any of our family traditions that fall during this time of year. We headed to central Texas for a few days. Our first stop was the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham. This is our fifth year to take the tour, which hasn't changed at all, but it is fun to have that time to look forward to. We next headed to a little rest area on the way to Austin that has a creek area that we have also enjoyed for many years.

Matthew on one of the rocks at the rest stop.

Our next stop was our cabin. It was basically an efficiency apartment with no stove. It was very cozy (small), but we mostly used it for sleeping so it was fine. We enjoyed one day on Canyon Lake and the next we headed for Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. Considering I'm a native Texan I'm surprised we have never gone. It was a lot of fun even with a one year old in our midst. I would definitely like to go again either when Chloe is staying somewhere or a few years older. It would also have been easy to spend two days there in order to check everything out. Our last big outing was to Natural Bridge Caverns and The Alamo.

Gabe had a miserable sunburn and was not very happy about this last day out.

If you have ever traveled down I-10 toward San Antonio you have seen Buc-ee's. Gabe first went to this gas station during a scouting trip and talked quite a bit about it. We now enjoy a stop there when we're near. And come on, who can resist some 'Beaver Nuggets'? They have the funniest billboards around too. I googled Buc-ee's and found they have a blog filled with fan letters and such. Only in America.

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!


Wencked said...

Fun...Family time with Daddy!

We are heading to Schlitterbahn tomorrow..any advice for us with our 2 year old? We are going after 3pm for the reduced rate since it will just be us with the little kiddo.

Erin said...

It looks like you guys had fun. What the heck are beaver nuts or whatever those things were? AND that is so Louis to wear a weird brainwashing shirt. BTW, I am very jealous you went to Schlitterbahn. I have been wanting to go since I was prego with char-char.

Shiloah B. said...

It just astounds me how big your kids are getting- especially Gabe!!! You and Louis are such a cute couple!