Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now that Louis is home every weekend and actually gets to see the children and what they're up to, I haven't been very good about keeping up with this.

Here are some happenings in the house.
Chloe has finally realized she can move the kitchen chairs around to get what she wants
(here-playing in the sink).

When Gabe was the only kid around he seemed to be the ideal toddler. He never did any typical "toddler" things. When Jacob was Chloe's age he was such a handful, always getting into something. I used to joke that Gabe didn't hit the 'terrible twos' until three so Jacob was making up for it and starting at one. If I recall correctly I think Matthew was a pretty sedate toddler also. Chloe...some days I think the 'terrible twos' is starting early for her also. Maybe it skips children so #5 should be laid-back, right? Gabe took this picture when he babysat for us one evening. After drawing all over herself, she ran to the front door screaming for my return.

I do believe Matthew is our only child to have lost three teeth in a row. You really have to feel for the kid. It is not easy eating with that many teeth missing. He usually finds a way around it though.

Here is Chloe as 'Pebbles' for Halloween. She actually walked up to a few doors with Matthew and would even help herself to extra candy if the kind person held the bowl low enough for her to reach. Already...

This picture was taken during one of Matthew's soccer games. Her nose is crinkled because of the sun, but in the last week she has started making this face quite often. I'm not sure what it means, but it does look as though she is totally dissatisfied with something.

Other happenings:

  • Matthew is finishing up his third season playing soccer with Kingwood Alliance Soccer. He absolutely loves it and does seem to have a talent for it. This was the first time he played with an all-boy team and they play really well together; the coach is hoping we can keep the boys together for the Spring season also.
  • Chloe has started to fold her arms during prayer, is increasing her vocabulary every day, and will now tell me when she has a stinky (usually, which comes in handy).
  • Gabe will turn 15 in May and has already begun talking about driving. Driving! When he was a newborn we would receive so many "time flies" comments and I found them quite annoying. I was a sleep-deprived new mother. I was naive. Time does fly and I cannot believe we now have a kid who could potentially be driving soon. Very unreal, not to mention frightening.
  • Jacob is back in school, after a brief attempt at homeschooling. I think he is finally coming to terms with that and seems to be making some progress. He will turn 12 in April and still enjoys it if I come eat lunch with him at school and will even hug me in front of his friends (which I find impressive).
  • I am now 23 weeks pregnant and look as though I should be closer to my due date. I am preparing myself for the comments I should be receiving in the near future: "are you sure you're not having twins?", "you look like you're going to pop", "you haven't had that baby yet". Let the fun begin...


Jessica said...

She made such a SWEET Pebble!! We love your family! Gotta chat sometime soon...

Jen said...

you are awesome. love reading your thoughts. :)