Friday, April 17, 2009


Jacob is 12. I cannot believe it! It seems like yesterday Louis was telling him about the last year of his single-digit birthdays and now he is 12. So many new things on the horizon and no doubt, more challenges to come. Jacob has always been a compassionate, sensitive young guy and I hope this next part of his young life will not be too harsh on him. He isn't always a perfect child but he is funny and very intelligent, though naive at times. While he and his brothers do not always get along, he is incredibly helpful and loving to his little sisters. I look forward to the things he says and does because his words and actions are usually unique and often bring a chuckle.
Happy birthday, Jacob!

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Graham said...

Your sappiness is sickening. lol j/k. Maybe someday I will feel that way about my kids... maybe.