Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The curiousities of a 3 year old at bedtime

"Mommy, are Camille's hands tiny?"
"And her feet?"
"Is that your bedtime shirt?"
"Could you get a big nightgown with princesses on it?"
"Is it dark?"
"Will the sun come up?"
"I can make the sun come up, when it does, can we play in the sprinkles in the back yard?"
And seriously, this was only a portion of the questions asked. I wish I could have remembered them all.

When I am not feeling bonkers from the challenges of parenthood...I totally adore this little girl.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 + 1 = an exhausted mother by 5 pm

When I was a mother of two people would make jokes or comments about the "terrible twos" and I thought I was so clever, I would say, "Gabe didn't go through that until he was three, so Jacob made up for it and started early at one".

Well, Gabe's female counterpart, Chloe, had a birthday this past weekend. Aside from the sleep issues prior to her first year, Chloe has been a relatively easy going little one. Well, no longer. As I type this I am looking through pencil marks covering the monitor.

Can anyone remember how old Camille (who reminds me a great deal of Jacob) is?

Gabe and Jacob are three years apart, so fortunately the first time around I didn't go through the "terribles" simultaneously. Chloe and Camille are definitely making life interesting.