Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 + 1 = an exhausted mother by 5 pm

When I was a mother of two people would make jokes or comments about the "terrible twos" and I thought I was so clever, I would say, "Gabe didn't go through that until he was three, so Jacob made up for it and started early at one".

Well, Gabe's female counterpart, Chloe, had a birthday this past weekend. Aside from the sleep issues prior to her first year, Chloe has been a relatively easy going little one. Well, no longer. As I type this I am looking through pencil marks covering the monitor.

Can anyone remember how old Camille (who reminds me a great deal of Jacob) is?

Gabe and Jacob are three years apart, so fortunately the first time around I didn't go through the "terribles" simultaneously. Chloe and Camille are definitely making life interesting.

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