Thursday, June 10, 2010

conversations that make me realize how fun family can be

Today has had a few moments of stress, nothing major , just the daily grind. As I am cleaning the kitchen after dinner I realize that a saucepan of green beans has gone missing. I look everywhere-counter, refrigerator, living room (you know I have a 1year old and 3year old in residence), etc. I am kind of freaking out about it and asking everyone about the darn green beans. Louis tells me to just let it go, so I try. A few minutes pass and Louis can't find his toothbrush, I suggest, "maybe it is with the green beans". He says, "that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard". "No," I protest, "it is absolutely possible since one of the girls probably took both". Upset by his comment I add, "I pray to God (is this blasphemous?) your toothbrush is in the pot of green beans". And oh, how I wish it had been! Alas, no, he found his toothbrush... I go upstairs to talk to Gabe and I ask him about the green beans. "Mom, they were in a bowl, I finished them and you already put the bowl in the dishwasher". Clearly, I have lost my mind, further evidenced by the fact that I deem this a blog entry (which takes time).

Gabe took this picture. I really like it.

Apparently Matthew was wearing these to school, in this horrible condition, for at least a couple of weeks before I noticed.

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